Where have I been?!!

Where have I been?!!

I’m Back!!!

Hello everyone! I haven’t posted in a while because summer has exploded in my life! We love, love, love summer!  Did I tell you that we absolutely love summer? Well we do.. So since we live in Western PA , and had the longest winter known to man we have been loving every minute of everyday of  the beautiful weather!

Comment if you can relate! I am a mom to an only child, and in the summer  that requires lots of mommy/son activities! We don’t live in an area where there are lots of kids his age to play with so in order for me to keep him healthy and active I step up and step in.  My son started running with me 5 days a week and many days we play basketball in the afternoons and/or spend time at the pool.

Dont get me wrong he has play dates with his friends but  in order for him to develop healthy habits that I hope will last a lifetime mommy steps in.

I also love every one on one minute I get to spend with him! He’s not going to want to hang with me forever so I have to enjoy every moment while it lasts!!!

I’ve said all this to say I’ve been very busy and haven’t taken the time I need to blog! That’s about to change! I have some great new content coming to the blog!!

Starting next week I will be blogging regularly and I hope you like what I’ve come up with over my short break!!

Happy Summer!



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  • Yay! So glad you’re back. Love that you’re getting to spend time with your son — trust me, that one on one time is going to bring you such sweet memories later on. My kids are always talking about the random silly things we did together when they were little {and telling me how they figured out when I was “surprising” them with fast food or ice cream}. LOL

    Enjoy the rest of your summer… And can’t wait to see more.

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