Basic Pattern Mixing 101

Basic Pattern Mixing 101

I have another confession, mixing patterns is not a trend that I was in love with from the start.

Even now, I think the key to mixing patterns successfully is to not think about it too much!

If you’re not sure about pattern mixing, the best place to start is with patterns that are considered neutrals in the pattern-mixing-world.

Those patterns are camouflage, leopard print,  striped and polka dotted patterns.

Since leopard is considered neutral, you can replace any solid colored item with a leopard print.

For example a black and white horizontally striped tshirt and jeans would look amazing with a leopard print bootie or a leopard print slip on sneaker!

The printed shoe would replace any solid color shoe you would usually wear.


A Camoflauge jacket over that same t shirt, with jeans and the leopard shoe would give that outfit life.

The camoflauge jacket is replacing a solid colored blazer or denim jacket.

For a beginning pattern mixer thinking about replacing one or two solid colored items on your outfit with a nuetral pattern is a good place to start.

If you love head to toe patterns, there are a few rules to follow to making a show stopping outfit.

1. Make sure your patterns have at least one color in common. You are matching colors not patterns.

2. You must also consider the garments you are choosing with the print. The pieces should be simple; it’s more appealing to the eye.

Leave your more complicated pieces for a monocramayic look.

3. Last but not least, when wearing print from head to toe, it’s important to consider the scale of the prints.

It is much more appealing to the eye if you mix print scales instead of the same scale from head to toe.

For example, if you choose a bottom with a big bold print try adding a smaller scaled print on top!



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