Kaye Bennett of Dubois Dermatology and Cosmetics

If you read my feature on Dubois Dermatology and Cosmetics you know that skin care wasn’t something I thought much about until I entered my 40’s.  After my first visit to Dubois Dermatology I scheduled my appointment for my first facial in many years. That is how I met Kaye Bennett.

Kaye tells everyone that Dr. Pfingstler created her!   While Dr. Lisa Pfingstler was in residency, she mentioned having an esthetician at her practice and asked if Kaye would be interested.   Kaye had always loved makeup and skin care so she was very excited about the opportunity Dr. Pfingstler provided her.

Kaye attended the PA Academy of Cosmetology in Dubois, which had an Esthetician program.  She earned her Esthetician degree there and then spent some time in Miami at the skin Type Solution’s Headquarters, learning more medical based treatments, as well as receiving extensive training from Syneron Candela clinical nurses on radio frequency and laser treatments.

After that first facial I was hooked.  I now schedule chemical peels twice a year and recently had the Sublative procedure done!   I also spoil myself with the occasional facial!   My fine lines and wrinkles have greatly diminished and my skin has a brightness to it that I had not seen in many years prior to visiting Dubois Dermatology.

Some of her most popular procedures are Sublative and Dermaplaning.  Forty tends to be the age we start to see noticeable fine lines and wrinkles appearing.  We also notice a reduction in skin elasticity.  This is the perfect time to begin a Sublative treatment.  Sublative is a radio frequency treatment that stimulates new collagen production which produces a firming affect in lax skin, as well as creating a smoother more toned and bright skin texture.  Dermaplaning removes all the vellus hair or “peach fuzz” on your face and neck area, as well as exfoliating the outermost layers of dead skin cells, which speeds up cellular turn over.  Dermaplaning can also be done before some types of chemical peels, to allow the peel to penetrate even deeper into the skin.

Laser hair removal is also very popular.  It typically takes 6 to 8 treatments, in 4-6-week intervals to complete the treatment.  In the end you have smooth, hair free skin and forget about shaving and waxing all together.
Kaye reinforced the importance of home care to me.  It is so important to properly maintain your skin.  So many people spend money on procedures, but do not take the time at home maintain, prevent and protect.  Kaye says a good cleanser,antioxidant moisturizer and an evening retinol are key to maintaining your youthful glow.  As well as a daily sunscreen she recommends at least an SPF 30.

Kaye said that around age 30 is an appropriate time to start considering regular chemical peels, to exfoliate the skin, reduce wrinkles, decongest pores and increases skin radiance.  This is also a great time to start considering injectables, like Botox and Juvederm fillers.
Kaye is not only my favorite Esthetician she has become my friend!  She is very knowledgeable about all things skin care.  Her bedside manner is top notch and her treatments are very effective.

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