I had a beautiful woman respond to one of my posts on Facebook.

This woman has a life saving job. Her job requires her to work 40+ hours a week under an unimaginable amount of stress. And much of that stress, I’m sure, goes home with her, even after her day is done.

She has been in my thoughts and prayers for awhile now, and it made me realize how many of us go through life following a regimented schedule, walking through life with our heads down and no idea what is going on around us.

It’s so easy to get stuck in that rut, believe me, I know. But it’s so important to be kind and compassionate, to our friends and family, but more importantly to strangers. You have no idea what a smile or wave could do to someone you see walking down the street. Your smile could be the one they needed to see, your smile could be the one that saves their life.

I always see stories of people doing major acts of kindness and it warms my heart. But I also think the smallest things can make a huge difference to someone — saying hello, acknowledging someone, or posting a compliment on a Facebook post.

Remember to walk through life with your head up. Try to take five minutes a day to forget about your stresses and work and focus on someone else. Wave to a stranger in the street, smile at someone, compliment their shirt or shoes, send the person you’ve been thinking about all day a nice text, say a prayer for someone, or comment on a Facebook post.

You have the power to change someone’s mood, someone’s day, or even someone’s life, please don’t waste that!