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Health and Fitness

How I get my workout on while your kids are home for the summer

I used to struggle to make time for my personal workout during the summer months when my son was home.

My fitness routine would always take a hit because my gym does not offer day care and I thought paying a sitter just so I could go work out seemed silly. But, looking back was NOT  silly at all!  Moms need at least an hour to themselves a few times a week to do something good for themselves.

One solution to my problem was waking up earlier. Waking up early is something I have done for years to make sure I get my own personal workouts in.

I sacrifice sleep because working out is important to me and I’ve learned when the kids are home for the summer things come up throughout the day that can really throw off your workout schedule.

Another solution I’ve found very helpful is a home gym. Over the past few years my husband and I have put together a home gym. It’s come in handy not just during the summer, but many times throughout the year.

Now that my son is a bit older and has taken an interest in exercise, this summer will be different than past summers.

We don’t have kids in our neighborhood my son’s age, but I know how important activity is for kids on a daily basis.

Our goal for summer 2018 is to stay active and to soak up as much sunshine as possible.

When I started working out again I wanted to set an example for my son. I knew he was always watching me.  I am really loving his company and can’t wait for school to be out.

He has watched me workout over the years so this is nothing new to him.  The new part is that he is now willingly doing it with me.

If your kids are old enough include them in a fun workout a few days a week.  They will love doing it with mommy and mommy still gets her activity in for the day.

There are so many ways in corporate them and it also allows for you and your kids to spend more time together.

Walks and Runs

Going on a walk or run doesn’t cost any money and it be a great way to bond and just spend time together. Since the weather has started getting nice we have been going on walks and runs together; my son is almost up to running a mile straight.

Workout Stations

I put together stations in my backyard for us. Each station is timed 30 seconds to a minute. The stations consist of battle ropes, jump rope, Boise ball, planking, running in place, hill repeats, and sprints. It’s really different every time. It’s easy and fun to do, and you don’t have to worry about loading the kids up in the car. It’s also easy to change to make age appropriate.

I try to keep more of a functional fitness workout for him. I am only introducing exercises that require him to use his own body weight for now. But, he loves doing what mommy does!

It’s also important to remember what your kids interests. My son  loves to swim and play basketball so those will also be in heavy rotation this summer.