About Heidi

About Heidi

Hi, I’m Heidi Parks a self proclaimed fashionista and product junkie.  I have always loved everything girly:  clothes, makeup, and even nail polish.  After having my son at 38 and experiencing all the changes that happened to my body after I turned 40, I found myself trading in style for comfort.  Six years later, as a busy mom, I found myself having less time for my health, fitness, fashion and beauty routines.  One day I caught a glimpse of myself in a store front window and I didn’t recognize myself in my oversized clothes that did not flatter my now curvy mom figure.  After thinking about it, I realized I had let myself go because I didn’t make the time for myself;  that’s when my lightbulb went off and I came up with my plan to get “me” back.

How could I reclaim my title as fashionista and lover of everything girly at this age?  Well, the first step was to get someone, or something to take the guess work out of shopping.  I wanted  a way to not only identify the latest trends, but also find a way for women my age to have fun with them and make them age appropriate.

I also needed to get my new found “mom bod” back into shape.  So I went on the hunt to find the best workouts, preferably ones that could squeeze what I used to do in three hours at the gym into only one hour.  Because let’s be real, what busy mom has three hours to spend at the gym?

After Months of searching for anything that could offer the latest fashion and workout trends, I came up empty handed.  I decided to create my own ( I’m a mom, I know all about being innovative).  That is how Fashion Mama Pro was born.

Ladies I am here to help you get your best-self back.  We all have our shocking store-window moments, but it’s what we do after those moments that define us.  We will discuss outfits, accessories, beauty, heath and fitness.  We are even going to go on some shopping adventures.  I will introduce you to some of my favorite people, places and things.  If I have learned one thing on my journey to getting “me” back, it’s that there is no need to trade your style for comfort.  It’s my goal to show you that you can and how to have both.  It’s not about looking or dressing like you are 20, it’s about looking and feeling youthful with your own sense of style!