The Flare is Here to Stay

The Flare is Here to Stay

My love for denim has resurfaced and it has resurfaced STRONG! One of my favorite styles of denim is the flared leg jean; I love how long my legs appear in a flare. But I can’t settle for just any flare, my absolute favorite flare is by Laurie Felt.

Why, you may ask? It’s simple, her jeans are flattering and so comfy. They don’t stretch out and bag, even after multiple wears, they stay where you put them. Laurie Felt’s Silky Denim is made with grade A yarn, and she is very clear that she has “no B game.”  In addition to the premium fabric that make her jeans so soft and strong, Silky Denim gets its flexibility from Vital Stretch Technology – a process that interweaves the yarns together in a very intricate way, which gives the jean 33% more stretch compared with most “stretchy” jeans that have around 20% stretch.

The flare jean can definitely give off a 70’s vibe, but remember in fashion everything old is new again. This time around the flare is here to stay.  Take it from me, no matter what your style there is definitely a time and a place in your wardrobe for a flared leg jean. Having a flare in a few different washes and even a few different lengths can really expand your wardrobe.  A darker wash jean historically can be dressed up to wear to a cocktail party or even to work. While lighter washed jeans tend to lean towards a more casual look.

I know shoes are a girl’s best friend, and can make or break an outfit, even in jeans that still holds true. If you decide on a longer length flare, I suggest pairing them with a heel or wedge, depending on the season, occasion, and your style. If you go for a shorter jean, you can’t go wrong with a flat or a slip-on-sneaker, but it’s really all your preference.  Personally, I like my flares to be a hot second away from skimming the floor, so as you can see from my pictures, I usually pair them with a heel.

My refound love of denim also meant I needed to find cute, stylish tops I could wear with my denim jeans. After I started looking I realized how hard it was, but you know me,  I’m always up for a challenge.

When I look for tops there are a few requirements they have to meet. I have to be able to wear my tops in different ways and style them with different outfits, I don’t want to spend money on something I can only wear one way. They also have to be low maintenance because I don’t enjoy ironing and I refuse to go to a dry cleaner. They also have to have a point of interest, something that makes them pop. And if I can save time and find my jeans and tops in the same place, even better.

Those requirements are another reason I love Laurie Felt’s line. It is so much more than the perfect denim. She provides some amazing tops that can pair back to not just her flared leg jean, but multiple styles.

Laurie Felt’s tops have a point of interest. Which checks another box for me. Some sleeve or neck detail that would take a would be boring or plain shirt to the next level. In the past I was never really drawn to a lot of patterns, but as I learned what was flattering to my body that started to change.

The most important thing for me when shopping for anything — and the one thing I want you to remember too, is when you’re shopping for shirts to pair with denim and when you’re shopping for denim stay true to yourself and your style. Wear what you love and what makes you feel amazing, but don’t be afraid to take risks and have fun with it. If you’re looking for ideas of how you can style your look (sometimes we could all use a little inspiration) check out Laurie Felt’s Heartfelt Role Models page; scroll to the bottom to see how people just like you are styling the latest trends.


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