5 Minute Face

5 Minute Face

If you’re a  busy lady (which I know you are), you know what I’m talking about when I say there are so many times we want/need to look put together, but we don’t have the time it takes to achieve our desired look.

In the dog days of summer, I don’t like to wear foundation and a lot of makeup on my skin, and I definitely don’t want to spend a lot of time doing my make up, but there are many occasions where I need to look my best.

I have put together a list of my 4 favorite products that help me achieve a light, natural 5 minute face during this time of year.

1. Laura Geller Baked Bronze-N-Brighten

This product is one of my all time favorites and has been for years.  The multidimensional swirls serve as a combination of corrector and bronzer.  It also comes in a fair and medium option, so there is something for everyone. What I love most about this product is that it’s buildable.

To get my look, I use the medium shade (which has the darkest mixture of pigments). I sweep it all over my face, including my eyelids, very lightly to even out my skin tone. The shades of swirled beige, white and soft pinks help even out skin tone.

Then using a little more pressure with the brush I use it as a blush.

Lastly I take an eye shadow brush and pull out some of the desired colors from the pigment mixture to use on my eyes.

This one product checks 3 boxes in my makeup routine. And I’m also able to use this in the fall and winter to contour over my foundation.

Mommies not only need multi tasking items in their wardrobe.  We need beauty products that serve more than one purpose to help us put our face on quickly, and help us save money by not having to buy as many products.

2. Laura Geller Long Wearing Eye Liner 

I have tried my fair share of eyeliners and each one  promised to deliver easy application, long wearing and no smudging, but none of them completely delivered on their promises. Until I found Laura Geller’s Long Wearing Eye Liner.

It’s so easy to apply with out any tugging or pulling on your delicate eye skin! We all know pulling and tugging around the eye area needs to be avoided to prevent harming that delicate skin.

This eyeliner stays on for me, until I wash it off!  That is MAJOR!  I do not have time to worry that it’s smudging or have to reapply it throughout the day.

This eye liner also comes in a variety of colors.  I use black 90% of the time, but I do switch it up on occasion with brown or blue.

IT Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volume Mascara

This mascara will be your life saver.

I only need one coat of this mascara and it provides the additional length, thickness and definition I desire with no clumping. It also saves me time because I don’t have to wait to go over my mascara numerous times.

I  really like the brush too. It gets every lash no matter what length because the bristles are cut in all different lengths.

Givenchy Black Magic Lipstick 

I know I love a product when I buy multiples at once to keep in every bathroom in my house, and my purse (don’t tell my husband).

That is this lipstick.

The formula reacts to the PH of your lips to form your own unique shade. Sometimes I use it as a top coat over other lipsticks, but I love to use it alone.

I not only love how it enhances my natural lip color, but I also love the extreme moisture it delivers each time I wear it.

After four products and only five minutes, this is my face:

If you have any questions about where you can find these amazing products, drop me a comment below.

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